REGISTRATION on the website
What is the purpose of registration?

The purpose of registration is to allow you to place an order and then track the status of the order. Also, in a personal account, you can always see the history of previous orders made and, if necessary, download documents confirming your payment (invoices)

How to register on the website?

The registration on the website takes effect when placing the first order or in advance.

To register, please fill in the registration form, where you need to enter your name, email address, or phone number in the international format (for example, +972551234567). The data will be used as a login pin on the website, accompanied by a password.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation of registration to the specified email address you provided.

How to enter a personal account?

In the upper right corner of the website, there is a "Login" button, which redirects to the authorization page to enter into a personal account.

What to do if you have lost your password to enter into a personal account?

Go to the website. Then, in the upper right corner, select the "Personal Account" button. Then click on the "Forgot your password" link. Within 15 minutes, you will receive instructions on how to reset your password via your e-mail

Making an order

1. Select a bouquet or product you like, click the BUY button and add the selected products to the basket. Move your mouse pointer to the checkout menu by clicking on the "place an order" button or by clicking on the cart image in the upper corner of the site.

2. Make your order:

- fill out the form with your contact information if you are not registered. If you have registered already on our website, please log in with a username. The information on the order will be added automatically.

- proceed to fill in the delivery form (name, address, and telephone number of the recipient, time and date of delivery);

- pay for the order via one of the convenient payment methods provided.


 You can place an order yourself, or in case if you need assistance with the help of our managers, using any types of communication medium provided and convenient for you i.e. phone, messenger, WhatsApp, e-mail.

At what time can you make order?

We accept orders at any time of the day, processing time for any order made is from 9AM to 9PM daily. You can place an order not only on the website but also using any type of communication channels convenient for you - phone, messenger, WhatsApp - detailed information in the CONTACTS section.

Are the orders exactly same as the images displayed on the website?

Yes, all bouquets are assembled according to templates. However, there may be cases when identical colors are not available, and they can be replaced with the most similar ones.

Is it possible to assemble an individual bouquet that is not displayed on the site?

Yes.  Please, send us a photo of the desired bouquet or its description through email: or through  WhatsApp to the number +972548976147 or via Facebook messenger.

Does the online store guarantee the confidentiality and security of information of customers?

Yes. We use only a secure process for exchanging data with payment systems. Our website uses a certified payment system for accepting credit card payments from one of the leading operators in Israel, the CreditGuard company. No storage of any information data about our clients' cards. Customer information data is never transferred to third parties. The recipient can find out the name of the sender only with the consent of the sender.

מה אם סכום ההזמנה שלי נמוך מ«הזמנת המינימום », אבל אני רוצה לבצע הזמנה דווקא אצלכם?

כתוב לנו מה ברצונך להזמין ומתי אתה זקוק למשלוח - אולי נוכל לקבל את הזמנתך או לסכם איתך על זמן אספקה ​​נוח יותר על מנת להקל על ההגבלות על סכום ההזמנה. אנחנו תמיד מנסים למצוא פתרון הוגן כך הלקוחות לשנו יהיו מרוצים.  

How can I make payment for an order?

You can pay for your order through one of the most convenient and reliable ways:

1. Online payment on our website, immediately when placing an order, or by using a special link that you will receive from our managers.

We accept all types of bank cards  MasterCard, Visa, AMEX

Electronic money: PayPal

Payments through the BIT system

We also accept bank transfers to the current account.

2. While, Cash payment can be made in our Shop in Haifa at 13 HaNeviim Street

Can I pay for an order from abroad? And, with what currency?

Yes, you can conveniently pay for an order from abroad with your bank card or use the PayPal service. The amount charged for the order purchased will be debited from your credit card according to the official exchange rate of the currency of the card account after conversion and on the terms of the credit institution whose bank card you are using. The date of withdrawal of funds depends on the conditions for the provision of services of your credit institution (bank).

How to get a document confirming payment (hashbonit)?

- You can download a document confirming the payment made on our website into your personal account.

What is the delivery time for an order?

The minimum delivery time for the bouquet is 4 hours, from the moment an order is confirmed and payment receipt verified.

Delivery of gift sets, including bouquets with a gift, is possible within two working days from the date of the payment for the order. Delivery time is agreed upon additionally.

During holidays and weekends, the delivery times might increase, so we recommend making and paying for orders for holidays in advance.

What cities do you deliver to?

We deliver orders in and around Haifa. Delivery to the cities of the center of Israel is carried out by prior arrangement.

Can I order delivery on Saturday or late evening?

Yes, we can deliver during not working hours as well. Conditions and cost of delivery is agreed additionally.

האם אוכל לבצע הזמנה אם אינני יודע את כתובתו המדויקת של הנמען?

אם אינך יודע את הכתובת המדויקת של הנמען, אך אתה מכיר את העיר או האזור ויש לך את מספר הטלפון של הנמען, אל תהסס לבצע הזמנה! בבוקר לפני ביצוע המשלוח ניצור קשר עם הנמען, נברר את הכתובת ונסכם את זמן המסירה.

במקרים נדירים, הנמענים מסרבים למסור כתובת, מכיוון שאנו מנסים לא למסור את שם השולח למקבל לפני המסירה, על מנת לשמור על ההפתעה ככל האפשר. במקרים כאלה, אנו יוצרים קשר גם עם השולח כדי להבהיר האם ניתן לספק את שם השולח.

בכל המקרים אנו בקשר עם הנמען וגם עם השולח ותמיד תוכלו לברר את מצב המסירה באמצעות whatsapp +972548976147

אני לא יכול לבצע הזמנה עם משלוח להיום, מה עלי לעשות?

אכן, במצב אוטומטי, לא תוכלו לבצע הזמנה עם משלוח ל"היום ". זה נעשה על מנת להימנע מקבלת הזמנות שבאופן פיזי אין לנו זמן לבצען, ולכן לקיחת הזמנות ל"מחר" מסתיימת בשעה 22:00 של יום קודם.

אבל! אתה תמיד יכול לכתוב לנו או להתקשר אלינו כדי להבהיר את האפשרות להשלים ולהעביר את ההזמנה שלך עוד היום. ככלל, אנו תמיד מנסים למצוא פתרון, וב- 75% מהמקרים איננו מסרבים ומבצעים את הזמנתך.

PROMOTIONS and discount coupons
How do I get a discount coupon?

You can find the discount coupon (code word) in our posts on the Internet if you follow our news on Facebook.

How do I use a discount coupon?

To receive a discount, when placing an order, before submitting an order, enter the coupon code in the field next to the choice of payment method.

How to start cooperation with us?

You can send all proposals for cooperation to our email address and we will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation.

האם אתם מקבלים הזמנות מחנויות אחרות מחוץ לישראל??

אנו משתפים פעולה בהצלחה עם חנויות מרוסיה, אוקראינה ומדינות חבר העמים ומקבלים הזמנות מהן למשלוח זרי פרחים ומתנות. אם יש לך חנות פרחים משלך ולקוחותיך מעוניינים להעביר פרחים לישראל, נשמח לדון איתך בתנאי שיתוף הפעולה והמשלוח. לכל השאלות כתבו לכתובת (אנחנו מדברים גם רוסית)